Guess What? Kygo Started Tropical House Music

Have you heard of tropical house music? Kygo is one of the pioneers of Tropical House music; a sound that is only a few years old and now it’s everywhere.

What makes this music special? Wikipedia states, “Tropical house is a subgenre of deep house, which is itself a subgenre of house music. It includes synthesizer instrumentation, and a 4/4 kick drum pattern but it’s described as having a more uplifting and relaxing sound. The tempo of tropical house songs is a little slower than deep house (110-115 bpm). Tropical house does not use the pumping compression effect of “big room” electro house. It usually includes tropical instruments such as steel drums, marimba, guitar, saxophone or even pan flute.”

Listen to Kygo’s hit “So I Stayed” as an example of this soothing music genre.

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