Friday Night Video Fights


Back in the mid-1980s, MTV used to promote videos with their Friday Night Video Fights show.  Every week, two videos would square off, with viewers calling in to vote for which one they wanted to win.  For 50 cents, you could determine which video would go on to face another video the next week.  After a number of weeks of winning–I think five, but I could be remembering it wrong–a video would be retired.  Check out the above clip, which advertises for a “World Championship” between Def Leppard’s “Rock of Ages” and Quiet Riot’s “Cum On Feel the Noize.”

I only voted once, for Van Halen’s “Hot for Teacher.”  It was coming off a couple of weeks of winning, but it lost the week I voted for it, I think to Duran Duran’s “Wild Boys.”

For the above contest, which video would you vote for?  “Rock of Ages”:

or “Cum on Feel the Noize”:

Personally, I’d go with “Rock of Ages,” but it is close …

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1 Response

  1. Marc Majers says:

    Def Leppard is my vote. This brings back so many memories, I almost completely forgot about it. Thanks Ray!

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