Five for Five: More Singles for Under a Dollar

Variety is the Spice of Life

Another five Friday month, another edition of Five for Five. This week we’re looking at some 60’s classics and some catchy dance music. Keep an eye out for these in your local record store bargain bins.

The Zombies – Time of the Season

Is he rich like me?

A song that defines the zeitgeist of the 1960’s unlike any other, is commonly and readily available under $1.50. The b-side is Friends of Mine.

Mama Cass with the Mommas & the Poppas – Dream a Little Dream of Me

Sweet dreams ’til sunbeams find you.

Flower power meets blue eyed soul in this collaboration, which is as romantic as it is fun. Midnight Voyage graces the b-side, all for $0.70.

The Turtles – Happy Together

How is the weather?

The Turtles are an odd band, and this song is no different. Like the Seasons contrasts with the lead single on the b-side, get it for $0.25.

ABBA – Fernando

There was something in the air that night.

A romantic tale of a Mexican solider named Fernando and the Swedish disco pop sensation ABBA. The lesser known Rock Me is on the b-side, get it for $0.70.

Ofra Haza – Galbi

You stole my heart, you stole my soul.

The Madonna of the Middle East put out a certified hit with Galbi. This 12″ maxi single has an extended club mix, the original album version, and the b-side has a traditional Yemenite song Im Nin Alu, all for just $1.70.




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