DEF: Paul McCartney “Here Today”

George Martin, who became known as “The Fifth Beatle” for his role as the Fab Four’s record producer, died Tuesday at the age of 90. While Martin is best known for his work with the Beatles, he produced work by many other acts as well, ranging from Celine Dion and Neil Sedaka to America and Cheap Trick. Among Martin’s work in the 1980s, he produced three albums for Paul McCartney, including Tug of War, McCartney’s first album after Wings broke up. One of that album’s tracks is one of McCartney’s most poignant songs — “Here Today,” in which, following John Lennon’s murder, McCartney reflected on his relationship with his songwriting partner. In memory of George Martin, today’s Daily Eighties Flashback is Paul McCartney’s “Here Today,” which Martin produced.

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