DEF: Jefferson Starship “Stairway To Cleveland”

San Francisco-born musician Paul Kantner, who was a founding member of Jefferson Airplane and led the reformation of the group as Jefferson Starship, died Thursday at the age of 74. Jefferson Starship released three of their ten studio albums during the 1980s, producing seven appearances on Billboard‘s Hot 100 chart. Perhaps, though, it’s a song that did not chart that seems most appropriate to use to remember Kantner. For the band’s first album of the decade, Modern Times, Kantner cowrote the song “Stairway to Cleveland,” which responded to a critique of Jefferson Starship’s previous album, Freedom At Point Zero, that appeared in Rolling Stone magazine. In memory of Paul Kantner, today’s Daily Eighties Flashback is “Stairway to Cleveland” by Jefferson Starship.

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