Crowd Chant

Instrumental rock solo artist Joe Satriani always wanted a song people can sing along to at his concerts – literally. Joe released “Crowd Chant” on his 2006 album Super Colossal and it has become an instant arena sports jam right up there with Gary Glitter’s “Rock & Roll Part II”. The song starts with a driving rock riff and then delivers a series of melodies that the audience can sing back.

According to Wikipedia, “The song “Crowd Chant” was originally going to be named “Party on the Enterprise” with sampled sounds of the Enterprise spacecraft from the Star Trek series. However, prior to the album’s release, Satriani explained on a podcast that he was unable to acquire the legal rights to use the samples, choosing instead to replace them with his own sounds and rename the track. “Crowd Chant”‘s ending theme was inspired by composer Gabriel Fauré’s “Pavane in F-sharp minor, Op. 50”.

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