Can you make a Sen-Tunes?

Fleetwood Mac (today)

Back in college, Ray Schuck and I used to play a game where we’d challenge each other back and forth speaking in song titles.  For the sake of blog format, we’ve invented a new game called Sen-tunes, where you take five songs from an artist and make a sentence out of them. Tunesmate is going to pick an artist, give you an example and then ask you for your best shot of turning five tunes into a sentence.  This week it’s time to make a Sentunes from Fleetwood Mac.

Ray started it. Who knew Fleetwood Mac could sound like Confucius?:  Dreams go your own way as long as you follow little lies everywhere.

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  1. Marc Majers says:

    Songbird, Say What You Will, Big Love Don’t Stop The Chain

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