Calling Wolfgang to Save Van Halen Again

Dear Wolfgang Van Halen,

Back in 2007, you convinced your dad, Edward Van Halen, the most influential living rock guitar player today to consider joining forces again with David Lee Roth (DLR). Father and son playing on stage is what drove your dad to get into the studio and record another album with the original singer of Van Halen (VH). You arranged the playlist for the tour. You practiced diligently with your dad and Uncle Alex Van Halen, one of the most underrated rock drummers ever, to get ready for the road. Your foresight and vision brought VH fans new music with the release A Different Kind of Truth – over an hour of listening pleasure.

Now you and the band are faced with another crossroad – is their another studio album and tour to come? Can the band go on the road with DLR again? Can David Lee attract the same big crowds and what is the shape of his voice? Do the fans want to hear the catalog of music from Sammy Hagar? Can VH exist with Michael Anthony again?

You are now the glue that holds Van Halen together and with that responsibly comes great power. You have the influence to save Van Halen again because you are a master musician and business man. You can play drums, bass, guitar and keyboards like nobody’s business. You know touring is what brings in the most revenue for the band, and excitement on the road is needed to draw in a large crowd. Mixing up the playlist has been key to that success with DLR. However you also know fans want to see Michael Anthony again on stage with VH. My feeling is that Mike will not come without Sammy and vice versa. You have the power to give Van Halen fans what they want!

Have you considered playing rhythm guitar with your dad? Then Mike could rejoin the band on bass. Since you are a virtuoso at any instrument – you  would be one step closer playing twin guitar with your father onstage. Then if Mike has a spot on bass, you’d get Sammy on vocals. From this point, you’d get a new catalog of music to play and inspiration to create new music again.

Recently Sammy and Ed exchanged happy birthday pleasantries on Twitter. Many fans started rumors that Van Hagar would reunite again but the reality is you are the linchpin in the equation. Only you have vision and creativity to make this happen.  In the wake of all the quality musicians passing away this year and hoping for new VH music – we fans reach out to you. The request here isn’t about lead singers – it’s about bringing back Mike but respecting the fact that you are now Van Halen.


Van Halen Fans Worldwide

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