Birthday of the Week: Patti LaBelle

This week’s Birthday of the Week is Patti LaBelle, who turns 75 this Friday (May 24). LaBelle is known for her work with the Blue-Belles, later known as LaBelle, followed by her solo work since the late 1970s. Most noteworthy, the group LaBelle hit number one with “Lady Marmalade” in 1975 and Patti hit number alongside Michael McDonald with the duet “On My Own” in 1986.

To commemorate her milestone, let us know what your favorite song by LaBelle (the group and/or the singer) is. Personally, as a child of the 80s, I remember “On My Own” perhaps most prominently, but I’m probably most fond of “If You Asked Me To,” the Diane Warren-written song that is most popularly known for the version Celine Dion took to the Top 5 in 1992, but that Patti LaBelle originally charted with in 1989.

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