Birthday of the Week: Jimmy Page

With the new year starting this past week — and with Tunesmate’s 10th birthday looming in a few months — it’s time to unveil a new Tunesmate feature: Birthday of the Week.

Every Sunday, we’ll highlight one music-related birthday that’s happening during the coming week. For this first Birthday of the Week, that means we’re looking at birthdays between today (January 6) and Saturday (January 12). Typically, the birthday will be a milestone of some sort, and even when milestones are occurring for a number of well-known artists, we’re going to pick just one.

To start us off, the very first Birthday of the Week is Jimmy Page, who of course is largely known as the lead guitarist for Led Zeppelin, and before that the Yardbirds, though his career also includes multiple other collaborations as well as one solo album. This Wednesday — January 9 — Page will be celebrating his 75th birthday.

In honor of Jimmy Page’s milestone, let us know what your favorite Led Zeppelin song is. Though it’s not easy to pick just one, I’d say my favorite is “Kashmir,” which is featured above.

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