Artists Rejoice With ReverbNation

Musicians have taken over MySpace in recent years as millions of people drove westward to the new promised land Facebook. This is good for the public because now if the surf MySpace they can find some really good upcoming musicians. However if you are a musician and you think that MySpace is passe, then you need to consider ReverbNation.

ReverbNation give you the best tools for musicians and the best music for everyone else. First of all, it’s free. When you start, you can port over your information from MySpace or Facebook. List your music, band photos, upcoming schedule and videos. If you are looking for an alternative website to get your music exposed, then try ReverbNation. Furthermore, they offer a free email marketing tool which gives you the ability to keep track of your fan mailing list and send them eblasts.

I would like to send a special thanks out to Neil Zaza for the great find!

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