Analog Adventures: This Year’s Model

Elvis Costello

This Year’s Model


Elvis Costello is a New Wave pioneer and continues to make great music to this day. Some of his best work appears on his second album This Year’s Model. Full of high octane guitar and bass riffs and complimented by hypnotic drums and keyboards, this album blazes by at just over 33 minutes long. Each song clocks in at the two to three minute mark, but each say what they need to say.

The rear cover of the album

This album is fairly common to find, as is with most Costello albums. The copy I have was found at Hanson Records in Oberlin and I have seen it at plenty of other record stores in the area. A good copy will set you back $15, but it is money well spent.


Pump it up

Hand in Hand

Radio Radio

Jose Diaz

Collector of analog media.

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