Analog Adventures: The B-52’s

The B-52’s

The B-52’s

(Original release 1979, reprint 2010)

The B-52’s make music that is akin to John Waters movies; campy, unpretentious, and fun. Their self-titled debut album set the stage for a career full of beehive haircuts and cheap suits. The album is full of hits such as Rock Lobster which recall 1960s surf rock with big baritone guitar. The best thing about the B-52’s is their triple singer line-up, allowing them to do call and response lines, as well as strange vocal effects such as dolphin cries and growls.

The Record Itself

This edition is a 2010 repressing by the prestigious label Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab. The Chicago-based label went bankrupt in 1999 an was quickly sold to Music Direct. This sale kept them remastering classic albums. The label has seen benefits from the recent vinyl renaissance, making their remasters a hot commodity. This album is cleaner and brighter than ever for a high fidelity reissue. The cover is also retouched allowing the original colors to truly pop in front of a lemon yellow background. The Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab logo at the top is a seal of quality for audiophiles.

The back of the album showing the individual serial number.

The record has a nice clean finish to it. While not 180 grams, the 120 grams still has a satisfying thickness to it. This is a record you want to regularly clean. There is not a single guitar or bass that you cannot hear, and every singer receives their due diligence.

Is It Worth It?

Averaging $30 on Discogs and in record stores, this is a worthwhile addition to any collection. The tracks are infectious and compel you to dance along. Although you may find your self trying to do your best Fred Schneider impression.

Outstanding Tracks

  • Planet Claire
  • Rock Lobster
  • Lava


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