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Relaxed jazz instrumentals, polished vocal harmonies, and fine storytelling are three aspects of Noname’s distinct style of rap music. She is entirely independent, giving her the freedom to control her art. However, this also means that the majority of her music exists digitally not physically. Her first mixtape Telefone saw a digital release in 2016. A year later Noname collaborated with Vinyl Me, Please, a monthly record subscription club that publishes small and limited batches of records. The mixtape came in two batches of 1,500; first in 2017 to Vinyl Me, Please subscribers and a second batch to be sold by Noname herself at live performances and her website. Given that there are only 3,000 copies in existence, this record has become quite the collectors piece.


The back of the record and the interior lyric sheet

The record itself is an example of why vinyl records are experiencing a Renaissance. Gorgeous art adorned by a large lyric sheet, and a pitch black record that feels as heavy as the lyrical content. The rarity and self published nature of the record helps establish a more personal connection between the listener and the artist. Every track is carefully composed and executed. Unlike most rap music in the mainstream which include trap beats and cliché lyrics, this album is a breath of fresh air. As a result this record is a delight to listen to for people unfamiliar with rap. While you can expect to pay up to $200 on a sealed copy, occasionally one sells for under $100. At any price, this is an extraordinary addition to any collection.


Sunny Duet

Reality Check


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