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About the Artist

Raveena comes from an immigrant family. Like most children of immigrants, she finds a way to incorporate the old with the new. She maintains artistic control over just about every aspect of the creative process from the music, photography, and her music videos. Each aspect retains a warm analog charm that is popular to emulate, but difficult to pull off. Raveena manages to do so through sheer authenticity. She remains authentic in her lyrical content as well, with each song being personal and dear to the artist. The music is original due to the love that inspires it.

The Record Itself

Lucid is Raveena’s contemporary interpretation of R&B, a masterclass in the genre. Her vocal delivery is controlled, soft but never understated; powerful yet under control. Warm synthesizers, smooth bass, and dreamy guitars form the foundation upon which her art builds upon. Surrounding each song is an aura of peace and love, one cannot simply be in a bad mood while Raveena’s music plays. The album begins with the psychedelic and ambient Hypnosis that segues into the sublime yet suggestive Nectar. This track sets the standard for which each song is judged. It demonstrates the strengths of the band and above all Raveena’s songwriting prowess. Her ability to remain casual while still conveying such strong emotion is a testament to her abilities as a songwriter.  

Watching everybody getting older, watch ’em leave New York, find their closure. Stay and kiss your neck a little harder, chase you down to London to feel younger. – Raveena, Still Dreaming

The physical and emotional aspects of love in its many forms are a consistent theme through out the album. Romantic, platonic, and familial love are equally important to Raveena. The heartfelt ode to her mother Mama inspires the listener to call their mother and reminisce about growing up. She details the great sacrifices she made as an immigrant in an unfamiliar land. The song is genuinely heartfelt and a joy to listen to.

The inner sleeve and rear cover of the record.

Physically Speaking

Lucid is a stunning musical experience, and the record itself matches it. The disc is a perfectly translucent coke bottle green, as if it is there to satisfy a thirst for Raveena’s music. The cover appears to reference Bollywood film posters, along with the inner sleeve’s photographs. The warm and nostalgic color palette match the tone of the album better than anything else could. In a word, Lucid is a dreamy experience. Comforting in ways that are difficult to describe yet are familiar all at once. Like a lucid dream, this album is a journey from beginning to end.

Is It Worth It?

Lucid saw a limited release through the popular retailer Urban Outfitters, which led to this becoming a valuable record due to short supply and high demand. Average selling prices on Discogs are rather high for such a recent record, in the $150 range. This copy was obtained for a relative bargain at $75, but only after scouring eBay and Discogs in order to find a decent deal. This record gives the listener a moment of peace, a single line of clarity in an increasingly discordant world. The art is exquisite and the music is timeless, a combination that is worth just about any price.

Outstanding Tracks

  • Nectar
  • Stronger
  • Petal

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