Analog Adventures: Fur and Gold

Bat for Lashes

Fur and Gold


About the Artist

Bat for Lashes is the brainchild of Natasha Khan. Khan is an English musician that plays a plethora of instruments such as guitar, bass, drums, piano, and the vibraphone. Every instrument she plays carries an ethereal air to it; much like a shoegaze act from the 1980s. Her music contains elements of Kate Bush and to a lesser extent Bjork. While her timbre is from the 80s, her songwriting is positively modern.

The Record Itself

Fur and Gold is the debut album by Bat For Lashes. The album’s first single The Wizard saw a release a full year before the album. The album received near universal acclaim, and for good reason. Each song plays with atmosphere and tonality in a sincere manner.

The harpsicord in the beginning of the lead track Horse and I feels almost frantic. The song builds with staccato strings plucking furiously beneath a cadence-like snare drum. The song is over before you realize it, and the bass smoothly grounds you into the next track.

The lyrical content of the album is picturesque. Each song tells a story or gives a profile into a person. Sad Eyes, Prescilla, and Sarah give perspective into three different kinds of women, and the music behind each track is just as diverse. Natasha Khan is equally a poet as she is a musician.

The back cover of the album.

I Saw A Light delivers a long ascent and satisfying climax to the album. This track is also unique because it features a locked groove, meaning the record itself intentionally skips to create a loop. The loop is Khan’s final guitar chord, struck and reverberated for as long as you would like.

The album sleeve has a nice matte finish to it, which satisfies the senses. The record itself weighs in at 180 grams, which in my opinion is the best weight for gramophones. There is not a lot of extras such as posters or lyric sheets, but the music and album art stand well on their own.

Is It Worth It?

This is perhaps one of my favorite records in my collection. The intimate lyrics along with masterful use of tone and atmosphere make this a sublime record to listen to. The vinyl edition can fetch higher than average prices on Discogs due to it being a limited pressing, but if you have an extra $60, this album will not disappoint.

Outstanding Tracks

  • Tahiti
  • The Wizard
  • Seal Jubilee

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