All This Time

In February 1989, Tiffany Darwish (known more commonly as just “Tiffany”) hit the top 10 with a song titled “All This Time.”  A little over two years later, in March 1991, Gordon Sumner (known more commonly as “Sting”) hit the top 10 with a different song titled “All This Time.”  Tiffany’s tune peaked at number 6, while Sting’s went one better, reaching number 5 on Billboard‘s Hot 100 chart.

The artists share more in common, though, than their hit song titles and their one-word stage names.  They also share a birthday today, and this year marks a momentous one for both.  For Sting it’s number 60, while for Tiffany it’s number 40.

To celebrate, Tunesmate is conducting a Title Title that commemorates all this time we’ve had with these two songs and these two artists.

Whose "All This Time" wins the Title Title?

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