Top Three VH1 Videos of 2011

Spoiler Alert: If you want to watch this TV special and you do not want to know what the top three videos as presented by VH1 were determined for 2011, then do not read this post. If you just want to cut to the chase and discover the top three videos of 2011, then read below.

I just watched the special counting down the best videos of the year and I have to say I was not surprised. Adele was the highest selling album of the year so her track at the top was predictable. Bruno Mars and Katy Perry had stellar years, so I anticipated there melodies would arise to the top. I actually thought a handful of there studio releases could make the countdown, however the countdown was specifically featuring the rapture of the video. Congratulations to the countdown winners of 2011! Bring on 2012.

Top Three Videos of 2011
1. Rolling In The Deep – Adele
2. Grenade – Bruno Mars
3. E.I. – Katy Perry

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