Jimmy Page Turns 70

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons (author: Avda)

Happy birthday to Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page, who turns 70 today.  In honor of his birthday, Tunesmate is looking for sentunes and mini-sentunes using Led Zeppelin songs.  Remember that you create a sentune by taking five song titles from the same artist and putting them together into a grammatically correct sentence.  A mini-sentune is the same thing, but it uses three song titles instead of five.

For some help, here’s a partial list of Led Zeppelin song titles.  Also, here’s a sentune to get us started:  Over the hills and far away, in the evening when the levee breaks, I’m gonna crawl out on the tiles.

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1 Response

  1. Avatar Marc says:

    Hey, hey what can I do when the levee breaks in the evening down by the seaside – ramble on.

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