Everybody Hurts With This News

Well, not everybody, but surely many an R.E.M. fan hurts after news broke yesterday that U.S. band R.E.M. is breaking up.  Perhaps many feel like they’re losing their religion.  Or that it’s the end of the … Okay, you get the drift.  Rather than me continuing to make corny R.E.M. song-title-based sentences, let’s honor the career of R.E.M. with some sentunes. 

Here’s an easy one to start us off:  Fall on me, get up, stand, drive, bang and blame.

And here’s an opening mini-sentune as well:  Losing my religion, I’ll take the rain at my most beautiful.

Also, here’s a link to an R.E.M. discography for some song titles to help us out.

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  1. Avatar Marc says:

    Oh my heart, everyone hurts the one I love until the day is done all the way to Reno.

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