Analog Adventures: Silent Shout


The Knife

Silent Shout


Swedish siblings Olof and Karin Dreijer are the two halves of the electronic duo the Knife. Formed in 1999, the pair had no trouble pleasing critics and fans alike with their first two albums The Knife and Deep Cuts. After these pop influenced albums, they released Silent Shout in 2006. The album is atmospheric and dark in nature. The synthesizers are heavy and the vocals are drenched in effects to create a haunting timbre. The album flows seamlessly from one track to another, like scenes from a Gothic thriller.


The LP feels remarkably well put together. The outside has a satisfyingly smooth texture to match the deep navy and azure blue art. The monochrome cover is mesmerizing to study. Much like the music on the record, the cover resonates with a dark aura. The record is 180 grams in weight, giving it a sturdy feel. The album will also test your audio equipment, as this is one of the best sounding records in my collection so far. The frequency range is covered from the guttural lows to the ear-tingling highs. The record is widely available on online marketplaces such as Discogs, and a good copy can be bought for around $25. Even if you are not well versed in electronic music, this album is a worthy addition to any collection.




Marble House

Like a Pen

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