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Mon Laferte



Mon Laferte is a Chilean singer that is poised to break into the American mainstream. Her latest release, 2018’s Norma is the first album in her discography to receive an American release. The music is as diverse and dynamic as Latin America, incorporating genres such as Cumbia, Bolero, and Mambo. Mon Laferte has a voice reminiscent of other famous Latinx singers such as Ana Gabriel. For those unfamiliar with Latinx music, she is similar in timbre and rasp to Janis Joplin, albeit a bit more controlled.

The back of the album and the interior sleeve. Photo credit: Tanner Matherly

Norma received a vinyl release in March of 2019, considerably later than the digital version of the album. This paid off because the album is mixed and mastered properly for the format and it stands out as an exceptional speaker test. The cover is a striking crimson with a bold white title, complemented with a picture of the singer crying, cutting an onion. The LP is a single disc affair. The interior sleeve showcases lyrics, credits, and another picture of the singer. The record has a satisfying weight that indicates that it is a high quality pressing.

This album is for anybody wanting to get into Latinx music but does not know where to start. The album is widely available through brick and mortar stores and online retailers.




El Mambo


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